This is the new artificially intelligent Mitsubishi Evolution concept

The new Evo is here, and it will teach you how to be a better driver

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After last month’s teaser image of the upcoming Mitsubishi Evo, the full concept has been revealed, and it’s a full-on technology-fest.

Yes, it’s now official. The name that once adorned a rallying legend is now a full EV with artificial intelligence. No, you didn’t misread that, the e-Evolution concept doesn’t even have a petrol engine.

Instead, it’s been fitted with a trio of electric motors in its all-wheel-drive setup; a single one is mounted on the front axle with two rear mounted motors being operated by a yaw control system.

The really big news though is the rise of the machines, or in the case of this Evo, an ‘Artificial Intelligence’ system with Mitsubishi saying it features “An array of sensors allows the AI system to instantly read changes in road and traffic conditions, as well as the driver’s intent,” which all sounds very futuristic to us.

They even go on to claim that this setup will support drivers of all skill sets stating “the system supports drivers of all abilities and by making it easier and safer to control the vehicle, thereby bringing the motoring experience to a new level.”

Adding to this ‘support’ structure the AI system will work with drivers to advance their skills - “After building a picture of the driver’s skill level, the system constructs a training program that provides advice through voice dialogue and a large dashboard display,” which is Mitsubishi blurb for ‘if you’re not very good, we will help you learn to drive. There is no word on what the car does if a person cannot drive at all, but we are thinking a possible ejector seat maybe?

Getting away from the self-driving and teaching aspect of the Evo, it features a high ground clearance and what the Japanese carmaker refers to as “strong shoulders” alongside a super-cool set of suicide doors bringing the whole ‘car of the future’ look together.

The inside is more of the same with what appears to be seven screens covering the dashboard and super high-tech looking user interface. One of the coolest things for us is that halved steering wheel which is all very ‘KITT’ and futuristic like.

So, would you be willing to take driving tips from an AI-powered car? Or is it just a little too far-fetched for now? – Let us know in the #performance-cars live chat.

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