- The new M850i finished in sunset orange!

THIS is the New BMW M850i Coupe! | FIRST DRIVE

51w ago


By Tim Burton

Let's explore the brand new BMW M850i, the current flagship member of the new BMW 8 Series family! With an opportunity to drive a high spec M850i on both the road and on track at Estoril, we truly discover everything there is to know about this German super-coupe.

Based on the platform of the BMW 7 Series, the 8 Series Coupe is the first bodystyle to arrive in the line-up. Available at launch as the M850i with a 4.4l turbo V8 petrol engine and in 840d diesel configuration, my time was spent with the former offering 530hp and 750nm of torque. With the xDrive system sending power permanently to the 4 wheels and an 8 speed automatic gearbox, where the new 8 Series really excels is in the offering as a package of a sporty-luxury coupe.

With an opportunity to go into serious detail we can cover all of the elements of the car from a look around the exterior, to fully running through the technology available on the interior. There is of course also the chance to drive it both on the roads of Portugal and back on circuit with plenty of time to get to grips and get a real idea of what it's about.

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