- The new Z4 looks pretty sick!

THIS is the New BMW Z4 M40i! | FIRST DRIVE

First drive of the new Z4

2y ago

By Tim Burton

Let's explore the brand new BMW Z4, the newest generation of the sporty roadster! With an opportunity to drive a high spec Z4 M40i on perfectly suited countryside roads in Portugal, we truly discover everything there is to know about this open-top car.

The new BMW Z4 M40i sits as the flagship in the line-up of 3 models, with a 3.0l TwinPower Turbo flat-6 offering 340hp and 500nm which means 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds with a roof that can open and close on the move in 10 seconds itself. Available only with an 8-speed ZF gearbox it's also a project that's been developed alongside Toyota with their new Supra.

With an opportunity to go into serious detail we can cover all of the elements of the car from a look around the exterior, to fully running through the technology available on the interior. There is of course also the chance to drive it on the roads of Portugal near to Estoril circuit with plenty of time to get to grips and get a real idea of what it's about.

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