This is the new item made by Porsche's design studio

      Futuristic, minimalistic, clever

      Studio F.A. Porsche, the car brand's design studio, is the reason for having all of those nice and costly Porsche branded items available, from eyewear to timepieces. Now it has created another well designed gem, exclusively for the Chinese market.

      In partnership with Panasonic, a machine has come about, that fits your needs if your clothes have become dirty.

      The Panasonic ALPHA washing machine

      It has a tremendous look, with its pure and simple design, the brushed stainless steel finish and the high resolution touch screen to control all of its clever features. To keep the clothes fresh after washing, a ventilation system that pops open when the machine has finished, prevents the build-up of mould.

      And while it is very beautifully designed, still the form follows function. The number of switches, buttons and gaps was kept to minimum to ensure simple maintenance and cleaning, Studio F.A. Porsche stated.

      I've never heard that about a car before…

      What do you think about this extravagant everyday object?

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