The Huracan Performante has gone through some fine-tuning to the existing features and performance, combined with the development of new technology in terms of efficiency and design to create the Evo. It was developed to liven up your daily routine by fulfilling the needs of the driver, making your day-to-day experience behind the wheel unique, totally personal and exiting. A brand new control system and touchscreen easily control the car’s functions and entertainment system.

Now, lets talk numbers. The Huracán Evo’s power output is 631bhp and 443lb ft which is exactly the same as the Huracán Performante’s stats. Rather unsurprisingly it still uses the same 5.2L V10 that is found in all Huracans. O-60 2.9 seconds and top speed of 202mph once again matching the sats from the Performante.

Lamborghini has moved exhausts further inwards so they are poking out the back of the car less. Lamborghini says that the Evo “improves downforce and aerodynamic efficiency more than five times over the first generation Huracán”. FIVE TIMES MORE JUST FROM A LITTLE BIT FIDDLING AT THE FRONT AND A DUCKTAIL SPOILER!

So to sum up, you can think of this Huracan as 3 things

1) A standard Huracan LP610-4 with super angry looks, better aero and Performante stats.

2) A Performante with the interior of a standard Huracan with a revised touchscreen and new angry aero that looks more like a standard Huracan.

3) A Performante for posers, Because no posers would buy a Performante because it's too rough and hardcore but now posers can buy the Performante's guts in a reworked version of the standard Huracan's shell.

The one I personally think despite really wanting to like this car is no. 1 I'd really like to say 2 but I'm getting the feeling that it just isn't. Lamborghini (on their website) are banging on about how it's more for the driver than the normal Huracan and how it's a Perfomante that you can live with. I still think the true driver who truly cares about driving would take a Performante.

So that's that, I'm quite sad because I really want to like it but I just feel it is a rapper/posers Performante.

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