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This Is The New Logo Of Formula 1

1y ago


With immediate effect, F1 will retire its famous logo which has been serving since 23 years. Liberty Media, the new owners of Formula 1, have announced that this new logo will mark the start of an exciting era which will be focused on improving the brand image of the motorsport in the digital marketing sector. The new logo represents two cars crossing the finish line.

Goodbye old logo!

Liberty Media announced that they want to make it easier for Formula 1 to adapt to the digital market sector and hence they decided this was a necessary step. According to them, this simple logo will be accepted easily by the ever evolving digital and mobile market. They also announced that this is the beginning of rebranding the image of the flagship where they plan to increase the presence of the brand on the web and social media.

However, going by the number of dislikes this above video has received in its not so long upload time, it seems that this move has not gone down well with the fans.

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  • I like it. People who don't like things talk too much. So I'll be the one to say I like how it looks. It does look modern with its minimalist vector graphics design. The old logo is from the 1990s, and it did the job for that time, but it looks cheesy compared to what is in vogue now. Although, FIA tried a little too hard with their explanation: just announce you changed the logo; don't bother with a stuffy and tired corporate explanation.

    1 year ago
  • Oh, qué poca imaginación

    1 year ago


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