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This Is The New McLaren MSO X And It Is Already Sold Out

All the 10 cars were delivered today at a special event near Las Vegas, USA

3y ago

McLaren Automotive have just announced the delivery of these 10 cars to their clients in the United States. The McLaren MSO X is a bespoke model which was developed together by McLaren Newport Beach, their special clients and the MSO division of McLaren. The process of idea, design, execution and delivery was completed in just 8 months! All the cars were delivered today to their owners at an event which took place near Las Vegas, USA.

Image Credits: McLaren Automotive

Image Credits: McLaren Automotive

At first glance, the MSO X looks like just another 570 GT4 and you are right! However, unlike the GT4, the MSO X is a street legal version but with various unique features. As a homage, all the 10 cars will be wearing the famous McLaren endurance racing liveries from the past. For example, the black MSO X in the above image is sporting the Ueno Clinic livery from the iconic McLaren F1 GTR 02R.

The MSO X has received various aerodynamic upgrades such as the high downforce rear wing, GT4 style bonnet, dive planes on the front bumpers and additional vents on the rear bumper. All of these upgrades have resulted in an increased downforce. The new rear wing along provides an additional downforce of 100 kg. Another unique feature of the MSO X is the installation of the roof mounted 'goose-neck' air intake snorkel which works towards improving the air flow to the 3.8 litre twin turbo charged V8. Simultaneously, it also delivers an unique sound in the cockpit. The whole package on the outside is completed with the installation of titanium sports exhaust system and P Zero Corsa tyres.

The interior of Ueno Clinic Black MSO X

The interior of Ueno Clinic Black MSO X

On the inside, you will find a very minimalistic and driver focused interior. Similar to the exterior, the extensive use of satin carbon fibre is visible on the inside along with deletion of various parts such as the central tunnel for the sake of weight reduction. The carbon bucket racing seats will come with 6-point racing harness which will be colour matched to the harness steel bars to keep it classy.

This creation once again proves that there is no limit when it comes to the MSO division of McLaren. If you have the budget and an idea, they will make sure to bring that idea to reality.

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