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This Is the Next Best Thing To Having A Grand Tour Themed Restaurant

1y ago


You know what's better than your local pub? If your local pub served everything for free. You know what's better than that? If your local pub served everything for free then decided to make itself over into a Grand Tour themed establishment.

Such a thing has occured in Los Angeles, though there's more than meets the eye. At the 2017 LA Auto Show, the boys have opened a pop-up pub where you can get free tea, scones, and beer. Yes that's right...free beer.

CREDIT: Motoring Research

Welcome to the Mayhem Hall Pub. There are a few rules if you choose to enjoy yourself here; namely, you must never name the "other" show, and you should hashtag the crap out of every post you make from the pub with #thegrandtour.

There will also be a photo booth set up where every selfie taken and shared via the booth will result in a donation to Oxfam. Not too bad considering this is a pop up pub with snacks, hot food, a dartboard, booze, etc.


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