This is the Nissan Leaf Nismo concept

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After you’ve finished checking your calendar to confirm it’s not April 1st, and that it’s actually October meaning only one thing, the Nissan Leaf Nismo concept is a real actual concept car.

What we can make out from these official images is that Nissan is being very serious about this hot EV thing; the Nismo Leaf looks the part of a performance car even if it’s all just for show.

It features a set of large diameter diamond-cut wheels which we would expect to reduce the range of any final production version. At the front, the Leaf gets a meaner looking airdam and now traditional electric solid front grille. The story remains the same at the back with a rear-splitter which all comes together to improve the aero profile across the body.

The cosmetic changes are finished by red accents to indicate sporting prowess along with the two-tone black/white paint combination. The Nissan boffins have also fitted sticky tyres and a sports suspension set-up to ensure the Leaf Nismo can cut the mustard in the corners as well.

With the standard Leaf only having a not very powerful 147bhp to play with, Nissan has promised they have tweaked the Nismo’s software to make it more powerful and deliver instant on-tap acceleration at all speeds. This means it should be faster, but they won’t confirm the burning question of ‘how much faster’ which is what we want to know.

If this Leaf Nismo becomes a reality, then expect to cost anywhere from £30,000 upwards, which is a lot of cash for a car that wasn’t really that exciting, to begin with.

The Nissan Leaf Nismo will break cover at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

So, would you choose one of these ahead of an internal combustion powered hot-hatch? Let us know your thoughts in the #performance-cars live chat.

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