- The new ZR1 at the Dubai Motor Show

This is the Outrageous Corvette ZR1! | FIRST LOOK

Should I get one?

3y ago

The new 755hp Corvette ZR1 has taken me rather by surprise! The car has menacingly aggressive looks, huge amounts of power, along with 969Nm of torque, and even without the bright Sebring Orange colour scheme it would still stand out a mile away.

The Corvette Z06 set the standard with 650 horsepower and 881Nm, but this adds 105hp and 88Nm to bring the numbers to a ludicrous level. Official 0-100 times are not yet available but expect the ZR1 to reach 335km/h or 210mph at Vmax. Available in various different trim levels, this is the ZTK package with full high wing, splitter and lots of carbon goodies. Perhaps one of my favourite details is the bonnet opening that leaves the engine's top cover poking out the front.

Presented ahead of the Dubai Motorshow, the ZR1 made its public debut at the event where I had the opportunity to walk around it and show you the car inside and out.

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