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This is the Project C - Hyundai's latest hot hatch

4w ago


I have to say I kinda like Hyundai. Over the last few years they've been quietly working on several intriguing new projects and even their mainstream cars are interesting. For example I think the 2020 Palisade looks tremendous. Big and bold and brash, we need more of this stuff.

the Hyundai Palisade

Now Hyundai has confirmed it is going to build a newer, track-focused version of the i30 N. The bad news is, it won't be available in the UK (for now), the good news is, it's got 271 bhp.

It's called the "C" because it is named after the "Area C" test track of Hyundai's Namyang HQ and it is going be lighter, a lot lighter, than the standard car thanks to carbon fibre-reinforced plastic components and new 19'' wheels, which will be sitting on custom made Pirelli P Zero tyres.

Hyundai hasn't said much about the Project C except that it "will only be available in selected markets across Europe", hopefully including Italy which is where I live, and only 600 units will be built.

The Project C will be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12.

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