This Is The Rarest Porsche 911 You've Never Heard of

One of only 22 ever made.

2y ago

This is the Porsche 911 964 Leichtbau and it is the ultimate 911. This lightweight version of the 964 featured manually controlled AWD from the 953 rally car, 770lbs of weight loss, and Porsche had to lie to sell it in America.

See it in action below!

Leichtbau means lightweight and back in 1991 Porsche was serious about weight loss. During the production process Porsche sent the Leichtbaus to Weissach, their engineering crown jewel, to allow their top engineers to make the ultimate 911. Porsche changed out steel body panels for aluminum, glass windows for lexan, and a rear deck lid of plastic instead of metal. Through this extensive gutting and weight removal porsche shaved 770lbs from the already svelte 964 911.

After removing excess weight Porsche set about adding the AWD system from the 953 rally car. This manually controlled system allowed drivers to choose the torque distribution to alter the car's handling characteristics. Porsche paired this system with a close ratio 5-speed transmission and an ultralight flywheel. Porsche added a custom stainless-steel exhaust without any mufflers making this one of the loudest street legal 911s ever.

Now that Porsche had this light weight, AWD, hand built 911 they needed to get it to America. America was Porsche's largest market in the 90's so it was crucial that Porsche could sell this new special edition 911 there.

Before any Leichtbaus were sold in America, a dedicated customer is California purchased one and promised to buy several more. The only problem was getting the American government to allow Porsche to sell the Leichtbau. Since the Leichtbau was a stripped down racer for the road with no emissions to speak of Porsche promised it was for off road use only.

Now that the government thought Porsche's 911 Leichtbau was for off road use only there was the matter of pricing. The Leichtbau required complete disassembly at the Weissach factory where Porsche built the 959 supercar by hand. Factor that in the 953 Rally Car's AWD system and the price rose to $170,000.

When all was said and done, Porsche sold 22 of these 911 Leichtbaus making it one of the rarest 911s of them all. These race cars that were for off road only use, wink wink, reminded us of a time when Porsche would do anything to turn a profit. The company wasn't doing well during this time and nutty projects like this kept the company going.

Today you can buy the only black 911 Leichtbau from Canepa. How much you ask? Well you have to call to get the price.

Which 911 is your favorite?

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Comments (27)

  • Truth be told a 350 kg weight reduction isn't really normal, that must've dipped under the 1000kg mark

      2 years ago
    • Itโ€™s some serious weight savings! Very impressive for sure!

        2 years ago
  • I like analog style pressure boost gauges

      2 years ago
  • Yeah I ve heard of this 964. I recall the fans called it "911 Carrera 4-RS" .

      2 years ago
    • Some call

      It the C4 Lightweight as well. Either way itโ€™s one awesome 911

        2 years ago
  • ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

      2 years ago
  • How much is this amazing car worth?!โ“

      2 years ago
    • The price is unlisted and you have to call to find out ๐Ÿคญ

        2 years ago