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This Is The Ultimate Pagani Zonda Collection!

1y ago


Who would have thought a $3.5 million LaFerrari will look like a normal car ever! It is one of the most desirable car on the market for around 3 years now but it just looks sidelined when placed next to the holy trinity of these Paganis! Not to mention there is a full carbon Bugatti Chiron casually parked along with these four cars.

A Pagani Zonda Cinque Coupe and Roadster as well as the Zonda Tricolore are considered as the unicorns of the modern automobile world. In total, only 13 units of these cars were produced and to see one of each together under a roof is not your everyday sight. To take a rough estimate, these three cars in total would be valued at more than $12 million right now and we are talking about the low range here.

Which one is your favourite car from this lineup?

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