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This is the ultimate Tesla P100D by Unplugged Performance

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Should any Tesla P100D owners be sitting at home thinking that being able to do 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds isn’t ludicrous enough, they can now sleep easy knowing that Unplugged Performance has them covered.

Recently the company has announced the S-APEX complete vehicle program. The program is said to ‘bring the ultimate in no compromise performance and luxury to the Telsa Model S platform'.

The USA-based company, Unplugged Performance, specialise in providing ‘supercar-grade’ enhancements to the Tesla line-up.

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To that end, the S-APEX build ensures that your Model S will truly stand out from the crowd when pulling up to your local supercharging station.

All S-APEX builds feature a signature 19-piece carbon fibre body conversion. Instead of painting the whole kit to match the body colour of the car, owners can opt to have certain elements of the kit left as visible carbon fibre.

Furthermore, it is also possible to add personal details to the exterior should you feel that the body conversion doesn’t provide a big enough shock factor.

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Personalised options extend to the inside of the S-APEX too. Thanks to their in-house experts and access to rare and exclusive materials, Unplugged Performance should be able to do pretty much anything you ask of them. I wonder if they’ve ever stitched Elon’s face into a head rest before?

In addition to the body kit and interior options, the S-APEX build features upgraded carbon ceramic brakes, ultra-light wheels, wider tyres and racing suspension. Usefuly, these are said to have been engineered to maintain full usability of Telsa’s Autopilot system.

You wouldn't want to kerb this set of wheels! Image Source - https://electrek.co

Unplugged can retrofit existing P85D, P90D and P100D with S-APEX kit, but can source a new P100D from the factory should the customer prefer.

The starting price for the S-APEX program is said to be $50,000, excluding the price of the car. However, going to town on personalisation options is surely going to see this price rise significantly.

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