This is the Vega EVX – an all-electric 400 hp Tesla rival

And it's from Sri-Lanka

I've never heard of an actual car made in Sri Lanka, I don't think anyone has. I mean I know there's a company called Micro Cars, but they only make micro-cars that look rather tragic. However, the car you see here doesn't look tragic at all, in fact it looks gorgeous. It's called the Vega EVX and it is made in Sri Lanka.

The Vega EVX is made by Vega Innovations and it is powered by two 150-kW electric motors, one at each axle, for a combined power output of about 400hp. The firm began working on a prototype in 2015. The original plan was to give it 900hp but I guess they must have realized that wasn't easy to do and, well, 400hp still sounds like plenty enough.

The original prototype achieved a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds in 2017 but considering the added weight of the production car, I'd say that anywhere between 4 and 5 seconds sounds more realistic.

Vega is really swinging for the fences here because the new EVX is, much like any other EV out there, in direct competition with the upcoming Tesla Roadster. However, I honestly don't see how the two cars can compare. Quite apart from the hard facts, the Roadster is faster and probably more expensive. Targeting Tesla vehicles also means targeting Tesla buyers. Tesla managed to create a cult following over the years, people see it as the Apple of cars and buy their cars and their gadgets. I know people who'd buy any Tesla-branded item they could find.

The bad news is there's still a lot we don't know about the EVX. No one knows what the production interior will look like and even though Vega says the car will go 150 miles on a single charge, it hasn't actually revealed the capacity of the T-shaped battery pack in the car.

The good news is the final version of the EVX is set to be unveiled at the upcoming 2020 Geneva Motor Show in March so stay tuned. As they say.

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