- Audi R8 with Tony Stark Pic Credit: Autofluence - duPont Registry

This Is The World’s Most Desirable Supercar... According to Google

This is a shocking statement, do not go into shock and please do not hate me for it - “The World’s most desirable supercar according to Google is an Audi R8”

That being said it is a fantastic car. But, for the amount of people out there whom want a supercar I guess will want something Italian - Lamborghini, Ferrari or French - Bugatti or British - Aston Martin or McLaren. My first choice would not be an Audi R8, but that is me speaking for myself.

...Top 5 Belong to VW group.

According to the results, the second most desirable supercar is the Bugatti Chiron and then the Bugatti Veyron which was followed in 4th place by Lamborghini Aventador and then in 5th the Lamborghini Veneno. How on Earth is the Ferrari not in the Top 5. On the other hand if you have and should have noticed the Top 5 are all part of the VW group.

For the time being let’s put the craziness about Ferrari not being in the list aside. Allow me to tell you how was this study determined. The folks who conducted the study are Veygo.com. The study includes production supercars built within the last 10 years and does not include any concept cars. However, this is not based on people’s feedback via surveys but, Google’s search terms or keywords within geographic regions, in this case countries all around the world.

AUdi r8 most desirable in 95 of 169 countries.

The folks at Veygo.com used Ahrefs.com Keyword Explorer tool and found the average monthly google searches for 55 supercar models. This resulted in the Audi R8 being the most desirable supercar in 95 of the 169 countries measured this includes Italy where it was searched more than 5000 times average monthly more than the Ferrari Portofino (most popular Ferrari search in Italy) and Lamborghini Aventador.

However a lot of people would say how does keywords show desirability. Let’s be honest - If you want something you cannot afford but can search it and drool over it, it is very desirable...simple really...and if we desired more we search that more often.

Results of most desirable Supercar searched in each Country Pic Credit: Veygo.com

We all want to be Iron man

Ok back to the results, behind this lot of VW owning the top 5, was the McLaren 675LT (6th) and the Ford GT (7th) beat the Ferrari 458 (8th) in desirableness. I really thought the most desirable supercar would be a Laferrari, Pagani, Keonigsegg or the P1. But, it is shocking to see the R8 on the top of the list. This result just shows that Audi made a fantastic car and made it very very accessible along with good marketing. However, I think this reason is much more suitable for us and even sounds better - “WE ALL WANT TO BE IRON MAN”.