This is the world's most exclusive supercar key

15w ago


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There are some things in the world that you need, while others are a want – a Senturion Key can be either, depending on who you are.

We all love cars and the accessories which come with them, but this is one of the most exclusive bits of motoring kit you can get your hands on.

What is it?

The Senturion is the world's first and only luxury wrist wear item that functions as a supercar key. It is made out of some of the finest materials available, such as platinum, gold and diamonds – and if that isn't enough, the key can also be customised to include material from an actual meteorite!

How does it work?

The key syncs to any supercar available, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris and McLarens to name just a few. The company takes your spare key, its British–based engineers then take it apart and miniaturise the circuits. They then embed it into the Senturion Key and send it back to you, with the whole process done remotely – so there is no physical need for you to be there.

Do note the circuits are only miniaturised and not replicated.

The key is not only a luxury wrist wear item but also acts as a car safety feature. The company's RFID technology means the signal cannot be replicated as per the mass viral videos we keep seeing of people having their cars stolen.

Meteorite? Really?!

Back to the customisation materials available and, yes, you read it right: it does include genuine meteorite parts! It is actually one of core features which is especially popular with Senturion's exclusive clientele. The company owns a 4.9 billion year old meteorite called Gibion, which they can slice into big pieces when such a customisation request is received. Senturion Key actually programme it underwater (so the meteorite doesn't oxidise) and then later mould it according to your wrist.

Who else has one?

The likes of Usain Bolt, Shmee150 and the Prince of Monaco are some existing Senturion customers. Usain paired his with his gold Nissan GT-R whilst Tim (aka Shmee150) uses his with his purple McLaren 675LT.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £15,850 and go all the way up to £250,000 depending on your customisation – which goes as far as your imagination.

Where can I get one?

You can either order off the shelf or create your own bespoke key at Senturion's website.


We paired it with a Pagani Huayra

I was lucky enough to be given a Senturion key, so I had to pair it with something special. In the end I used my friend's Pagani Huayra. And given the exclusivity of the key and the fact that it feels like something from out of this world – just like the Huayra – it felt like the perfect pairing.

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