This Is Toyota's Answer To The Tesla Cybertruck

Who knows? Maybe Toyota will take this craft home to Earth to challenge Tesla's Cybertruck.

The Toyota Lunar Cruiser is not only a cool "moon car" with six wheels, it is also the automotive world's earliest launch. The hydrogen-powered car will be ready for take-off in 2029.

According to Toyota's statements at the launch of the Lunar Cruiser, the Land Cruiser is built to "take you home alive" and for that reason, Toyota wants to show the relationship between the two Cruiser cars.

NASA, together with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, is running a new lunar project and where Toyota has been asked to build a vehicle for the expedition.

Lunar Cruiser is powered by hydrogen, which provides fuel to the engines via fuel cells. Lunar Cruiser also has solar panels that generate electricity for the car's various systems. During the Apollo expeditions in the 1960s and 1970s, open so-called buggies were used, while the Lunar Cruiser has a completely closed compartment built for two people. In an emergency, as many as four lunar travelers can fit in the car.

A little later this year, Toyota will reveal more details and they will also show a full-scale model. Lunar Cruiser must have oxygen to complete a journey of 1,000 kilometers and fuel to complete a journey of 10,000 kilometers over 42 days.

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