This Is Toyota's New Hybrid Sports Car

Exactly what Toyota needs right now!

3y ago

At the moment, Toyota doesn't seem to be overly interesting. Yes they have the new Supra on the horizon, but something about that car doesn't excite me. I'm not sure whether it's the connection to BMW, or the fact that I know it won't be able to fill the boots of its legendary family history.

The GT86, while a brilliant car, is now becoming outdated as well. Until now, as Toyota will be showing this concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. This is what happens when you leave a GT86 in the same room as the Batmobile and let them get cushy.

While the front of the Toyota GR HV doesn't look so appetising, the rear looks seriously aggressive and very mean. And that's good, because with a Le Mans inspired hybrid powertrain, it's likely that the only part of this car seen by people will be the rear as it overtakes you.

As of yet, Toyota hasn't given us any figures, but we suspect that this car will have the same underlying principles as the GT86. Lightweight, fun, and exciting, but with maybe a few more horses. This is exactly what Toyota needs right now.

It will have excellent weight distribution with the hybrid system sitting in the middle of the car, and although it looks like a restyled GT86, it will have an entirely different platform. Sound good? Well... it will be an automatic. Kind of.

Atop the gear lever, it will have a big red button. Like the one from Men in Black but better. Once pressed, it allows you to change gears manually, minus the clutch though unfortunately. But is this the way manual cars will be going in the future? While it's not perfect, it will do.



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Comments (22)

  • Looks like a Prius. Burn it

      3 years ago
  • I’m sorry but that’s ugly.....try harder Toyota

      3 years ago
  • looks like a 488 had sex with a prius and that is the outcome.

      3 years ago
  • it looks shit 😅

      3 years ago
  • oh they forgot to paint it

      3 years ago