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This is what a modern Super Bee could look like

Is the stinger of this Super Bee sharp enough to sting your desire?! Or does this bee need a bit more honey to tempt your tastes?!

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1w ago

The original Super Bee was named for the fact it was based on the B-body shared with numerous Chrysler products, most notably (and visually) the Plymouth Road Runner. Production of the car lasted a mere four years from 1968 to 1971 before being axed like so many other epic muscles cars of the day.

The steel wheel variant might be a bit more contraversal. @wb.artist20

The steel wheel variant might be a bit more contraversal. @wb.artist20

The Super Bee was created out of the fact Dodge saw the potential for more sales after the tremendous success of the Road Runner. The Super Bee shared many of the external appearances of its cousin except for small differences in the rear wheel openings, tail lights details, stripes, and grill. It was available with the snappy 383, legendary 426 Hemi, and the monsterous 440ci (340ci small block was available only in 1971). The Hemi was the one you should have ordered; a few hundred were made as the cars cost over 30% more than the other engine options.

The Super Bee name died after 1971 in the US. The name continued in Mexico as a renamed Dart until 1980, but after that... it fell into the automotive annals. That was until 2007 when the name was resurrected for a limited edition Dodge Charger. It was basically a yellow and black themed trim package for the SRT8 variant of the Charger. It lasted until 2012 when the name was dropped once again.

It was a radical look back in the day; that attitude should be the inspriation for a new Super Bee. @wb.artist20 IG

It was a radical look back in the day; that attitude should be the inspriation for a new Super Bee. @wb.artist20 IG

That brings us to our friend Oscar Vargas @wb.artist20 and his propensity for 'automotive what ifs'. What if Dodge resurrected the Super Bee name once again, but with more emphasis put on the styling than the 07-12 variant. Oscar took the Challenger and added a little bit of the 1971 Super Bee to create an insect capable of stinging the most popular names at your local drag night!

Oscar's car adds the fancy angular grill from the later car, the tail stripe and Bee logo, but most importantly, this car is a 2-door! The second resurrection of the Charger/Super Bee doesn't do the original justice in my humble opinion. What else to base a new Super Bee on than the venerable Challenger?!

For those of you who might not dig the painted steel wheels, let's try to remember this car could be cheap due to the lack of expensive wheels we all know you'd toss anyways. If I had a new Super Bee like Oscar designed, I'd rock the stock wheels on the street and have a some drag radials with skinnies available anytime I felt the drag strip calling. I personally like this render. It gives us an idea about how a true homage could look. Dodge has never been the company to be risk-adverse; they take risks with wild themes, colors, and even styling.

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Comments (22)

  • While it has some nice details, when you look at the whole thing the overall proportions are just wrong.

      8 days ago
    • A little Photoshop massaging to fix it?

        8 days ago
    • Stretching might do the trick. Take away the impression that the rear end has been pressed forward by reversing into a building.

      One side window, extending the door to where the C pillar is might just fix it.

        8 days ago
  • Looks like an uglyphied Challenger to me...

      8 days ago
  • 🐝🐝🐝

      6 days ago
  • Yeah, I think cars should have more of a distinct personality

      5 days ago
  • Never been fan of the Super Bee, but this looks seriously suits the Challenger. Especially with the black roof and the retro wheels ❀️

      5 days ago