This Is What Happens When You Combine MIT & Lamborghini

Brilliant minds coupled with Lamborghini's penchant for lunacy results in a truly amazing look into our automotive future!

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Lamborghini does not bend to conventional wisdom. They do things their own way and ever since VW purchased them they now have German oversight to go along with their lunacy. That potent combination has led to Lamborghini producing some of the most desirable vehicles of the last decade. Better yet should you find yourself with the requisite disposable income you could rest easy knowing your new Lambo wasn't going to fall to pieces the moment you drove it off the lot. So when Lambo releases their vision of the future you are going to take notice.

Enter the Terzo Millennio Concept. This is the end result of Lamborghini partnering with those wiz kids at MIT. It redefines what a concept car can be and even manages to out crazy Lamborghini's concept engineers. MIT’s Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Department worked with Lambo's R&D department to make the most insane Lamborghini concept to date.

How insane you ask? The Terzo Millennio would utilize advanced supercapacitors and energy storage built directly into the body of the car. The end goal for the powertrain is not only very big horsepower numbers but fast, effective energy recovery. The Batteries/supercapacitors will degrade and age less as well as cycle faster and more efficiently.

The bodywork when it isn't being used to store energy was designed with peak aerodynamic efficiency in mind. The design follows the Aston Martin Valkyrie's philosophy where no unnecessary body work is added. It is designed to go fast everything else be damned!

That bodywork will also do more than provide you with heaps of downforce it will also serve as the car's energy storage system. This enormous piece of future tech ditches conventional heavy energy storage systems of today and replace it with the body itself. How you ask? Carbon fiber nanotubes, batteries so small they allow it to be shaped to match the lines of the body. The batteries will be sandwiched between the outer and inner layers of the body so you don't have that inconvenient risk of being electrocuted every time you touch the body. The end result would provide the huge energy demands of a electric hyper-car while keeping weight down. Effectively providing the clean electrical energy the world craves while being extremely light.

But wait, there's more, the uber high tech body work will self repair. Yes, no more cringing every time you put the tinest of scratches on your hyper-car. No more inconvienent trips to the body shop every time you run out of talent and nick your stupendously expensive speed machine. The Terzo Millennio will have the ability to repair minor body damage all on its own. Or in other words witch craft.

Thing is though, we are talking about some fairly inelegant dudes over at MIT working on the project. What we call witch craft they call Mid-Terms. So as far fetched as it may seem this may one day be possible in a car. The Millennio will have the ability to detect any fractures or scratches and "micro-channels filled with healing chemistries." Seems simple enough but this tech also opens up the door for even more weight saving goodness. This allows the usage of carbon fiber parts in "high-fatigue" areas. Once the domain of metals or other heavy materials this tech would monitor and repair any damage due to high stress or fatigue. Simply put the entire concept is mind bending and difficult to comprehend but the end result would literally change the automotive game.

Imagine a world where electric cars are lightweight, fitted with ultra high efficiency battery technology. Suddenly range anxiety seems like a thing of the past. Couple that with the ability to recharge quicker then anything on the road today and an electric car future doesn't look so terrible.

In the Terzo Millennio we have a car that utilizes a body that can self repair and store energy. All while keeping weight down. The batteries would be more efficient than anything we know today which makes this car, if its technologies become financially feasible one of the most important cars ever conceived. Best part is they say the technologies would be available by 2040, that's 23 years from today so it isn't a pipe dream of what cars could look like in 2117 but rather something we could very well see in our lifetime.

The Terzo Millennio is a crushing example of what is possible when you combine the intellectual might of MIT and the "just crazy enough to try it" mentality of Lamborghini. The entire concept appears too crazy but without crazy ideas and out there thinking Lamborghini would still be making tractors.

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