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      This is what it looks like inside a tire during a burnout

      The result of the burnout is surprisingly violent and very impressive

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      Having previously filmed a car journey with a GoPro mounted inside a tire, YouTube channel 'Warped Perception' who are known for their unusual perspectives and viewpoints, decided to turn it up a notch, choosing to film what happens inside a tire when the driver performs a burnout.

      To film the footage, a GoPro camera was mounted directly to the wheel of the car before a tire was fitted and wrapped over it, and then bolted on to a stripped-out Mercedes E-Class Sedan.

      YouTube: Warped Perception

      YouTube: Warped Perception

      While it may seem strange that the car has no body panels, it soon becomes clear that this was in fact a wise choice of car to use, as the driver doesn't take it easy and purposefully pushes the tires to the limit, testing them to destruction.

      Planting the accelerator, the driver put their foot down and let the rear wheels spin up until the tires couldn't take any further abuse, resulting in them to disintegrating and showering the tarmac in burnt rubber debris.

      YouTube: Warped Perception

      YouTube: Warped Perception

      While burnouts are always cool to watch from outside, the GoPro camera mounted inside the car managed to capture some incredible footage from an entirely new perspective. Unfortuantely, on the first take, the camera and its SD card were destroyed, but for the second run things went far smoother and as a result, you can now watch what happens to a tire during a burnout.

      You can actually see the rubber that makes up the tire melting due to the insane temperature and stresses caused by the burnout, before smoke fills up inside and the tire ultimately disintegrates. As you can likely imagine, it sounds like an incredibly violent process from inside the tire too as it is torn to shreds.


      With both normal driving and extreme stunt situations covered from a new perspective, it will be interesting to see what whacky stunt Warped Perception will perform next.

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      • Cool video 👍

          3 months ago
      • Of course! What a silly question.

          3 months ago
      • Burnout doing a 360 all the time.

          3 months ago
      • Excellent, destructive testing is so important.

          3 months ago
      • That looks like pulling an animal flesh to me

          3 months ago


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