This is what makes the Porsche 919 so cool

    I chatted with ex-919 driver Neel Jani to find out just how crazy this car was to drive

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    Goodwood Speedweek was a strange one – it was essentially a mix of the Festival of Speed and the Revival, but with no crowds to speak of. After seeing the line-up of cars turning up, I decided that if we were going to make a DriveTribe YouTube video, it would have to be with a Porsche Le Mans winner, of which there was plenty of choice. We decided on a technical, geeky video about the Porsche 919 and how it led to Porsche developing an F1 engine. And during that day, I grabbed 919 driver Neel Jani for a chat about what made the car so special.

    If you haven't seen it, here is the hero video about said F1 engine:


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    • It’s a shame Porsche didn’t get back into f1 but this new hypercar category is going to be something very special

        8 days ago


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