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This is what the next generation Honda Civic Type R could look like

What do you think of it?

1y ago

With testing already underway, many peope have been speculating as to what the next generation Honda Civic Type R could look like, and this seems like a pretty close representation of what is to come.

We know it's going to have a very differen shape, so with that in mind, the guys over at CivicXi forms have come up with these impressive renders.

The first thing you will notice is the size difference. This appears to be much larger than Type R before and that's because it will be, but only by a little bit. On top of that, you will notice revised brake lights and headlights and a few (what could be) fake air vents.

When you look around the car, you will also notice those four big looking exhausts which look very impressive but aren't too different from that seen on the current model which sports three.

In terms of what's powering the 2022/23 Civic Type R, we aren't too sure yet but reports suggest it'll be a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder petrol engine that could be mated to two electric motors which power the rear wheels.

Not only would this give the new Type R 400 hp but it would also make it all-wheel drive which would allow for sme rather insane fun on the track and the road. But don't get your hopes up yet as these are just speculations.

What do you think of it? Is this a worthy successor?

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