- Pic Credit: Keonigsegg

This is what the V8 of the Koenigsegg Jesko sounds like

Can't complain..

1y ago

The Jesko is the 300 mph car being created by Koenigsegg. It will also be able to produce 1600 hp. That is a lot of power, and am not complaining about it - really I like it very much. Along with this there is the very fancy transmission that has more than two clutches, and that is all very good, and also Koenigsegg has kept pretty quiet about the Jesko.

Well not anymore. Keonigsegg on Instagram has posted a video of the Jesko firing up and it is a very soothing sound and like Thor's thunder also very exciting. It is like hearing your favourite rock n roll song that calms you down.

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Screen recording of Koenigseggs Instagram video.

I love the sound and I know people will love to hear it when someone driving past in one listens to it.

What do you think?

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