This is what you can get for $1 - Nissan 300ZX

This Hot wheels Nissan 300ZX is packed with detail, yet only costs $1


This beautiful 300ZX is painted in a glorious bright red and it truly shines. If your like me you are probably are a fan of both earlier generations of the 300ZX and this generation which is the Z32 gen. This car in particular is the Twin-turbocharged variant. This car was capable of 300 horsepower and 283 lb ft of torque from a 3.0 L V-6. You could also get it with a manual. The 300ZX was a true sports car.

First impressions

The first thing I notice is how accurate the proportions are to the real car. I think Hot Wheels did an excellent job scaling this down to 1/64. The red paint job also makes the model look all the better. I also like the inclusion of the sky view glass on the roof of the 300ZX. And there lies the classic long spoiler on the back. The model looks fantastic.

Front details

Firstly the headlights are not painted, but better yet are plastic. On some cars it appears better than paint and the 300ZX is no exception. The plastic better fits the 300ZX and I think it makes the casting look excellent. The middle of the bumper is painted black, to replicate the real car and the signal lights are silver. You might be aware that some Hot wheels don't have mirrors, but thankfully this one does.

Rear details

The rear is no different from the front. It also is packed with detail. The rectangular taillights are red and orange. Also the "300ZX" lettering is in the center. The rear backup lights are painted silver as well. The dual exhausts on each side are also molded into the base and you can see them poking out from the rear. The rear is just as amazing as the front and I am thankful for it!


This 300ZX replica easily earns 5-stars. I am impressed that it has both front and rear details. There are not very many $1 cars out there with that much detail. Also it is a Nissan 300ZX, which is one of the coolest sports cars of all time in my opinion. The textures and wheels are well sculpted and overall this is a fun casting to own.

Overall score

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