- The Lister SUV-E concept. Pic Credit: Lister

This is what you get when your Jaguar I-Pace is not enough..

How can a Jaguar not be enough? Well Lister says "it is not". To prove a point they got a hold of the Jaguar I-Pace and the results are better than you expect. They call it the SUV-E concept.

It has Carbon Fibre bumpers, splitters, bonnet and roof spoiler. The width is a bit more with GRP Wheel arch extensions. The brakes are better - carbon ceramics. The suspension is adjustable. The choices on leather way more than you can think of (60) and the colours of stitch are more than three times than that of the leather.

The Lister SUV-E concept. Pic Credit: Lister

In terms of performance they have played with the software and are able to give you more power and torque, but have not revealed how much more. To complement that they have shed 100 Kgs (220 lbs) in weight. Thats as much as me. They shed a human beings weight. This could help in range by a mile or a few miles. But, the performance figures did not stop there - the 0-60 sprint is estimated at 4 seconds.

But, there is a feature that meets new EV regulations. Yes, EVs have regulations. Lister seem to proud of this - it has a more aggressive exhaust sound. I zoomed into the rear view of the car - there is no exhaust.

The Lister SUV-E concept. Pic Credit: Lister

So how much does more aggressive exhaust sound, with the lack of exhausts cost you? about £125,000 and a limited number will be produced, they don't know how many, just limited. The limited number production will be based on 'pending interest and pre-orders', I reckon they will manufacture according to pre-orders and then find a round number close to it and say that was the limited run. But, I have to say this - it will be a statement EV.

What do you think?

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