This is why people love Swatch (and why some people don't)

    Introducing the Swatch SUON118, or 'Duck-issime' to its mates

    This is the Swatch Duck-Issime, reference number SUON118, and it incorporates all the elements that people love/hate about Swatch. A dark green-blue case and Brit-inspired plaid print with houndstooth patterns on the silicone band, knife-and-fork hands set, and then of course there's a mallard duck print on the dial. 'Cause why not.

    The watch is bigger than it looks in the pictures, coming in with a 42 mm plastic case, and powered by a simple quartz movement. Water resistance is 30 mt, so you can wash your hands while wearing the watch but I'd personally stay away from swimming pools.

    Would I wear it? Absolutely. Would I buy it? Why not. It's fun, it's colourful, it's guaranteed to put you in a good mood on a gloomy day. It's currently available on and if you're interested. I might buy one, chiefly because ducks rock. They can fly, swim, run, walk, and they look goofy. Ducks are cool.

    Do you own a Swatch? Feel free to share in the comments

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    Comments (21)

      • 1 day ago
    • Damn it, Alessandro. Now I need this.

        4 days ago

        4 days ago
    • Swatch had to go do some ducky. Even though I love Swatch this I won’t touch

        4 days ago
    • The last time I had a Swatch was in 1990, a Scuba variant, it was all the hype in those days. Days of innocence. 😅

        4 days ago


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