This is why so many people are selling the Porsche 911 GT2 RS

7w ago


The Porsche 911 GT2 RS, regarded by all as Porsche's track special has not being doing well. Reportedly only 100 are built by Porsche and most buyers have paid $500,000. Remember that the GT2 RS has a base price of "just" $293,000

Supply and demand is a factor that comes into play when the production number of a car is small. If a car has 500 examples, then more that 6000 people will want it. That is exactly whta has happened with the GT2 RS.

Most buyers of the GT2 RS have bought it just to extract profit from it. The fact that there are limited copies of the GT2 RS, means that passionate buyers are willing to pay a lot more than its price. At the time of writing, there were 69 GT2 RS (including the 15 brand-new GT2 RS on sale), meaning that not many of its buyers are actually experiencing it to the fullest. The rest of the buyers are car flippers just making money from it. The actual number of the GT2s for sale is still not determined.

But the surprising aspect is that its price in the market has dipped. While you can still get the $500,000 for the GT2 RS, there are some GT2s for just the humble price of around $345,000.

Credit: carbuzz.com

Based in the theory of supply and demand, this drop in prices is due to the drop in the number of buyers for the Porsche. If the people willing to buy it are less, then the car will not be that exclusive and hence will not fetch its owner its original price.

The GT2 RS is an outstanding car, a specialist in crushing car-records, but paying half a million for a used one is a bit too much. We still don't know how many GT2s are there, and the fact that the no. of used GT2s on sale could be more than 30% of the car made is shocking. Car flippers need to stop.