This is why we should embrace the new EV deadline.

This is my opinion on the EV deadline, and why you should be more positive about it.

Well then, it's official. The sale of ICE cars will be banned from 2030. However, its not the end of the world. The whole purpose of this post is to explain exactly why it isn't. So hear me out for a minute, then at the end if there is anything you want to add, put it in the comments and ill get back to you. So, lets begin!

Why ban them, ICE cars are great!

Well, yes and no. Sure, they are a great form of propulsion for almost every vehicle, and in recent times have become relatively friendly to the polar bears. However, while they are much improved on the engines of yesteryear, there's no hiding the fact that they are a huge part of climate change. Now I am by no means a green freak, i'm far from it and thank god i'm not, but even I can see that something has to change. One of the best ways to deal with this is to change how we power one of the most popular forms of transport. Also since everyone here has a love for cars, i'm going to have to say this in a different way. The magic of a ICE is gone. Yep, I said it. To put it this way, no car in this era sounds as good as the Pre-face lift model. Regulations have already ruined the pleasure of a V8 or any other engine of this sort. Its obviously time to move on to something new.

The positive and negative side of battery powered cars!

See what I did there, positive and negative on a battery......Anyway there are still downsides to Evs, just like there are downsides to ICE cars. First is range, its well known that Electric cars don't go as far as ICE cars. These days a typical high end Ev will do anything between 250 to 320 miles in perfect conditions, most of the time you'll probably get about 225 to 275 miles depending on the claimed range of the car. While that might be more than enough for some, for others it might not. That leads me nicely onto charging. When you are on the M1 in a BMW 330d and you need to fill up, you pull into the services, fill the car grab a snack and leave. You'll be there 10 mins tops. You cant do this in an EV. First you actually have to find somewhere to charge, then once your plugged in wait over 30 minutes before you can leave. If you are going to a meeting that charging time is the difference between being late or early. However there are some good things about EVs, firstly the performance. These cars are some of the fastest in the game, with instant power and toque. Watch this video to see what I mean: . Also, they don't have to be boring to drive, just look at the Taycan, its almost as good in the twisties as a 911. Being a car person is about appreciating cool cars, so instead of acting like toddlers we should get used to the fact that Evs are more 'normal' now.

So where does that leave us?

Well, it leaves us with the conclusion that we should accept EVs. You may never buy one, and don't forget that ICE cars will be available on used car sites. This is about embracing the future and saying "even if I never own an EV, or it will be a while before I do. I still appreciate that they are good cars that we should not overlook". To end this article i'm going to finish with something to think about. When they invented the combustion engine did anyone refuse to accept it? Possibly. But now no-one wants it to leave. I bet that 10 to 15 years past 2030 we'll all look back and say "you know what, that wasn't such a bad idea after all".

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Comments (10)

  • As long as they don't ban used ICE cars, I'm chill. (Also I live in Canada). Here's a big piece that you're missing on the negative side of EVs. Battery disposal. Like your phone battery, over time it will become less and less powerful, and will ultimately need to be replaced. Not only does that prove a problem with cost (new ones are like $10,000), but also with disposal of the old one. Once you remove the weak battery, it has to go somewhere. The harmful products and chemicals inside make them difficult to throw out without hurting the environment. If handled improperly, they can ignite, or the chemicals can leak out. So far, nobody has come up with a solution for this, and until somebody does, EVs will pollute even more than ICE.

      2 months ago
    • I hadn't thought about that. Thanks for sharing it. The manufacturing of the cars isn't as kind to the environment either, due to how the batteries have to be made.

        2 months ago
    • Yup, but disposal is a bigger problem that people don't look at as much

        2 months ago
  • I'm not happy with any ICE ban I will kill anyone who tries to take my engine away

      2 months ago
  • Another alternative for bev is fcev

    Way more eco friendly and the only emission is water

    Takes only 3-5 mins for refuelling

    Also has the same performance capabilities of bev

    Only thing is the lack of infrastructure and lack of awareness

      2 months ago
  • I thought only cali baned ICE cars

      2 months ago