This Is Why You Should Always Check Your Mirrors Before Changing Lanes

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It's easy not to think about it in a car, but the road is a very dangerous place. Even hitting someone with a car at 40mph will give them an 80% chance of the incident being fatal. Well, according to that 'THINK!' advert, although that has been put under scrutiny for exaggeration.

As you can see in the video below, this motorcyclist was lane splitting through traffic. The video was recorded in LA where lane splitting is technically not illegal, so this driver has no excuse. We're not even sure if the car signals before changing lanes, and because of their poor driving, they knock a motorcyclist off of his bike, leaving him face down in front of moving traffic.

Thank fully he wasn't seriously hurt.

What are your thoughts on lane splitting? Do you think it's unnecessary, or do you think it improves the safety of bikers?

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  • it should be illegal, I'm a semi driver in the US, and I can truly say that this is just an unsafe way to operate a motorcycle. they have signs posted all over the state's showing to watch out for motorcyclists. well, how can u watch out for them when they drive like this, or weave back and forth between lanes like a idiot. now, not all motorcyclists do this. and I respect the ones who drive smart and watch there surroundings. But lane splits like this usually don't end well. especially with the vehicle I'm driving

    1 year ago
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  • Should be illegal, also the bike is going too fast in congested traffic.

    1 year ago
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