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This is wrong - A guy has his 'for sale' 70s charger destroyed

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I absolutely love 60s and 70s muscle cars, I prefer Ford more than Dodge and Chevy's, but still I love the cars from that era. It had some appeal that you don't get anymore.

Here is a guy who bought a car that had everything, all it needed a little bit of TLC, and a touch up here and there. It had all the parts, none were missing. He later put the car for sale online and in local classifieds for $10,000. After months of owning, it he just wanted to get rid of it even if it was a loss.

He then had it destroyed.

The reason given by the owner is that the people who were interested in the car were no shows or they low balled him on the price and he says there were thousands of people who did that. As a lesson to people he took it to the local metal recycling yard or scrap yard and had it destroyed.

..There are options than to destroy the car..

I think this is completely wrong, there are other options than to destroy the car - donate it to a school or community college's mechanics class as a project car for students to restore, have it entered in a local auction, take it to a swap meet, sell the parts individually. These are few right at the top of my head, I am sure there are more options if one tries.

I personally think wrecking or hurting a car is wrong, very wrong but, to ruin a car to spite many people is a sin to petrolheads and car people. I cried watching this, I don't know how I managed to write this because this is very very sad and so am I. All I can say is - Rest in Piece, Dodge Charger.

What do you think?

P.S. the video is very shaky, try not to listen to what is being said in the video.

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  • Did nobody see the Fast and Furious film franchise?

    They destroy cars like pizza boxes and nobody says a thing.

    I personally think that Americans don't deserve the cars they have.

    Mario - Brazil

    13 days ago
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    • That’s interesting

      13 days ago
    • They often start with cars that aren't worth saving, fix them. Destroy them. Fix them again. The cars that get destroyed just need to look good. They don't have to be structurally...

      Read more
      11 days ago
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  • Idiot. He is tired of getting low balled so he takes scrap metal price to have it destroyed. I do not understand some people.

    13 days ago
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