T​his Jeep mail truck has been modded beyond belief

H​ides a bomb engine under the hood

6w ago

What’s the wildest modification you can make to an elementary and basic vehicle like a mail-van? Some dramatic wrapping? Maybe some neon lights? Funkier wheels? Clearly, someone wanted to answer that question authoritatively as they have come up with this original U.S. Postal Service Jeep, modded beyond belief and even beyond its original visual purpose.

Come March 2021, and popular auction company Barrett Jackson will be opening its doors, literally this time, to conduct the Scottsdale Auction. While the auction lot with its cool and aggressive sports cars might startle you, this overhauled ’71 Postal Service Jeep CJ will certainly make you look twice towards it. And why wouldn’t it?! It was literally made to grab eye-balls.

Built by an undisclosed professional modification shop, this low-slung vehicle was made as a showstopper for SEMA. There’s really no other explanation for the chopped off roof featuring a retractable cloth sunroof, a custom chassis, custom Budnik wheels, Wilwood braking system with red brake callipers and air-suspension on all corners of the vehicle, which allows the car to sit perilously close to the ground.

If you thought the exterior was funky, have a look inside the cabin. Red upholstery dominates the interior with custom chromed dashboard and steering wheel accompanying it. Custom gauges are fitted in the center of the dashboard, and the overblown Kicker stereo system rules the rear. The stereo is bluetooth-enabled too, as one can’t compromise on modern convenience.

Unlike most other car shows, SEMA attendees do pay close attention to what’s underneath the hood. Hence, the tuners couldn’t really get away by slapping a turbo to the existing engine. What powers this slammed-down Jeep is an extravagant 383ci V8 Chevrolet engine with a chrome-red finish. While the output figures are undisclosed, the listing acknowledges the presence of a 3-speed automatic transmission.

Pondering if nothing of the original vehicle has been retained? There are a few components left untouched. Stuff like the sliding doors on the sides, the swing away rear door with embossed Jeep lettering on the rear and the synonymous Jeep grille upfront has been retained like the original.

This slammed down convertible Jeep goes under the hammer at the Scottsdale Auction and invites bidding without any reserve. Being an in-person event, the bidding is set to commence from March 23rd and go on till March 27th. If viewing the lots is all that’s in your head, the auction arena will be open for preview as early as March 20th.

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  • 🤢🤮

      1 month ago
  • That's such an abdomination 🤢

      1 month ago
  • This is proof positive that some people have too much money. Without trying to point out how many of the planet's population could have benefited from what was spent making this ludicrous contraption, I'll restrict myself to pointing out that it's a pile of shit, instead. If you gave a six year old a set of components printed on bits of cardboard, this might be what you'd be presented with. Even Postman Pat wouldn't drive this mechanical abortion around! "But, oooooooo, it's got a 'bomb' of an engine under the hood!" Why bother? It isn't as if it'd be able to go anywhere, except in a straight line on dead smooth tarmac. What you have here ladies and gentlemen, is something that achieves the almost impossible task of being LESS than the sum of its parts.

      1 month ago