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This just in: Koenigsegg's test driver is fast... In everything!

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I can think of worse day jobs than Driving some of Christian Von Koenigsegg's at the limit, chasing down lap records. It is a tough gig but someone's got to do it, in this case that someone is Robert Serwanski. All of Koenigsegg's balistic machinery gets put through its paces by Serwanski. However, like most of us Serwanski has some free time on his hands. How does he spend it? Driving other, slightly less exotic machinery, in this case much less exotic. The machine is an NC Miata and in Serwanski's hands it is a little rocket ship.

Even in its most extreme iteration the NC Miata produced 158 horsepower. Or in other words 11% the power of One:1. Even so Miata's are loved by enthusiasts everywhere for its accessible power and spirited, fun handling. Take the spirited little Miata, Serwanski's raw talent and combine it with the Nurburgring and you have a recipie for something truly impressive. How Impressive? How about a lap time of 7:37 (bridge-to-gantry).

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  • Great driving, however that Miata is a race car in disguise. This is no stock NC Miata with 158 bhp. With that power that time could not be done even by Niki Lauda at his prime. A quick google revels this: Miata NC features coilover suspension, upgraded brakes, stickier tires for the track, a larger radiator, an ECU remap, a close-ratio gearbox, and carbon-fiber seats to shave weight. With the modifications, the Miata weighs 2,425 pounds with Serwanski sitting inside, and the Miata makes 30 more horsepower than its factory rating of 167 hp. Those mods in a light car are certainly a recipe for a quick lap time, but a sub 8-minute time with just 197 hp is insane. Yep it is insane, but -- keep it real.

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  • Who'd have thunk it?

    3 months ago
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