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This kid's Bentley Blower Lego design could be made real if you vote for it

It even has working mechanicals!

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An 18 year old Lego fan is petitioning for his model of a 1927 4.5 Litre Bentley Blower - built completely from scratch - to become an official set.

It's challenging enough for most people to build a Lego set with the instructions, let alone create something totally new. However that's exactly what Ben Croot has done with this magnificent scale model of a very famous Bentley indeed.

The original Bentley Blower debuted way back in 1924 with a 3-litre engine, however this was later upgraded to the well known 4.5 litre power-plant in 1927. While not the most winning-est car that Le Mans has ever seen, the Blower slowly rose to fame after a few plucky endurance-racing victories. However, the car was especially notable for its top speed records and reputation for reliability (an essential quality in endurance racing).

Some might think a Lego model is simple enough, however this highly detailed creation took Ben a whole 8 months to perfect. The project started with a prototype made with a rainbow of Lego colours, so Ben could get a feel for how to recreate the Bentley's powerful design. Then the whole thing had to be broken down, repainted and rebuilt again so Ben could get the various shades of green, black and brown just right - talk about patience!

All this care has resulted in a model with more detail than most official Lego sets - the little Bentley even comes complete with working steering that mimics the real car; engine details under a removable bonnet and even a functioning rear differential!

At the time of writing the petition to get this model officially produced by Lego is at 4,903 out of a required 10,000 supporters, with around 133 days left. So if you want to help out a seriously determined and creative petrol-head, click this link to lend your support.

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