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This Lady bought the first ever sold Mustang and still owns it

She was looking for a convertible and found her dream car.

Gail Wise was 22 years old when the first ever Ford Mustang should be revealed at the World's Fair in New York on the 17th April in 1964. She had no idea about this, but was a newly employed third-grade teacher and needed a car. In the showroom of Johnson Ford in Chicago, where Gail went to buy a car, was nothing on display she liked. Gail wanted a convertible. But the salesman asked her to follow him in the back room where two Mustangs were waiting for their big reveal. One of the Mustangs was a skylight-blue convertible and Gail immediately knew, that this car was for her.

It was the 15th April 1964, two days before the Mustang was revealed to the public.

Even advertisings on TV did not show the car but only the Logo. The salesman, being a good one, sold the top secret Mustang to Gail on that day, making her the first person who has ever bought a Ford Mustang. She paid $ 3,347.50 with a $ 400 trade-in for a 1958 Chevrolet.

On the day when Gail drove home in her Mustang, she said she felt like a movie star. People were waving at her and cheering.

Image: Gail Wise

Image: Gail Wise

The Mustang was her sports car, familiy car and she loved every second in it.

Now, 54 years later, long after her getting married and having children, she says that it is partly thanks to her husband Tom, that they still own the Mustang. After 15 years of joy, the car broke down and was parked in the garage for many years. It even got a bit cluttered up with things over the years but Tom always insisted to keep the Mustang, promising he would repair it one day and having it as his retirement project.

Image: Gail Wise

Image: Gail Wise

When the day of Tom's retirement came, he started to search for car parts on the internet and encountered a story of a man claiming he bought the first ever Mustang on 16th April 1964. Having a slight feeling that this might be close the purchase date of their Mustang, he searched for Gail's receipt and it confirmed Tom's thoughts. What was sitting there in their garage was the world's first ever bought Mustang.

Gail's Mustang has now about 68,000 miles on its odometer and is worth about $ 350,000 or even more. Selling 600,000 Mustangs in the first year, Ford exceeded every expectation. On 8th August 2018, Ford was celebrating the production of their 10,000,000 Mustang and Gail and Tom were invited to join.

Gail said that now, being in the spotlight again with her car, she feels like a movie star again, just like on that day she drove her Mustang home for the first time.

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