This Lambo is the cleanest, craziest build you will see at SEMA

4d ago


If you pay attention to cars at all, you know what SEMA is. It's happening right now in Las Vegas and it has some of the craziest cars you will ever see.

Many YouTubers have done builds for the show, but there's one that must be seen to be believed: Tavarish's Lamborghini Murcielago.

I know Freddy personally and I know what a colossal undertaking this car has been. From a stripped out, incredibly shady movie car to a million dollar show car, the whole series is honestly worth a watch. And if you're at SEMA, you need to see it. As you can see from the video above, the interior is basically a work of art.

The entire car is amazing.

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Comments (14)
  • Isn't that Lamborghini from the Fate of the Furious?

    2 days ago
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  • I've watched the build from the beginning. It's great! His twin turbo Gallardo build is a good watch too.

    4 days ago
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