This Lamborghini is like no other you have ever seen

All black, inside and out

2y ago

Lamborghini is unique among car brands. While each marque has its own ethos for which it is known, none can compete with these bonkers Italians on the sheer lunacy of their engineering endeavours. From the Diablo to the Aventador to the Sesto Elemento, Lambo is constantly pushing the boundaries of reality and sanity with their cars.

As it turns out, the craziness doesn't stop there. I have discovered a little something called the Ayam Cemani. Unlike anything else of its kind, it is one hundred per cent black, on the inside as well as the outside. When it first emerged in 1998, scientists and experts all over the world were baffled by it.

I present to you, "the Lamborghini of poultry".

That's right. I haven't made this up. The Ayam Cemani is compared to the iconic car brand because of its striking appearance. In a style reminscent of Lamborghini - somehow absolutist and minimalist at the same time - this chicken is totally unique in that it is the only bird in the world whose feathers, skin, beak, comb, tongue, bones, muscles and internal organs are all the same colour: black.

This mad bird's nickname is fitting in more ways than one, because it also comes with a hefty price tag. Because they are so rare, getting hold of an Ayam Cemani outside of their native Indonesia is very difficult. As a result, they sell for around $2,500 (£1,950) per bird.

Those are some pricey nuggets.

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