This Land Rover has been trapped under a beach for 27 years

This is going to be one hell of a restoration

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We've all heard of barn finds, but a beach find is something a little bit special, as well as traumatising. Imagine a car being trapped under millions of grains of grounded rock, permeated by torrents of salt water for year after year - truly scary stuff.

Feast your eyes on this poor little Landy that has suffered that very fate. And what a state the poor little utility vehicle is now in. Discovered poking through the sand on an English beach, this Land Rover was trapped in 1990 when the owner decided to get a little too close to the water, resulting in the beach claiming the car.

After exposing a full-inflated wheel recently, the sand has now shifted enough to expose the chassis of the ill-fated Land Rover.

The car was driven down to the beach on a family trip when automotive tragedy struck, with the daughter of the owner, Gina, describing the event as "one of the most embarrassing days of my life".

"We had parked up down by the shoreline, but we were in soft sand and when we tried to move the back wheels just kept spinning. The tide had turned and we couldn't get out in time, so I ran back up to the slip to try to find someone to help while people started to gather on the headland to watch."

The Landy in its roadworthy state before the treacherous day at the beach

The Landy in its roadworthy state before the treacherous day at the beach

"Once the water reached the Land Rover we couldn't do any more and we had to leave it. The funniest thing was, when my dad went back with a spade the next day to dig it out, all that was sticking out of the sand was the chassis and four wheels."

Although the owner of the car has since passed away, the daughter has said "In a way it's nice that he has left a legacy that is now part of Hayle, as he loved it here. Although, obviously it's not so good for the environment."

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From a petrolhead's standpoint this is a horrible way to see such an iconic car be taken from the roads but there's something quite endearing about the story in the end.

What lesson should you take from this? Keep your pride and joy in the car park and do some walking. Even if you have the most capable off-roading vehicle ever made at your disposal.

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  • Fuel and a jump start and it'll be fine. It's the Nokia 3310 of the car world

      3 years ago
  • We needed some car art - a motoring-inspired landmark, a "Green Diffs of Rover". Obviously that's no way to treat a Series I Landy, but it's happened so we may as well enjoy it.

      3 years ago
  • It is really sad to see how well the tire holds up. Even Mother Nature can't beat down that rubber.

      3 years ago
  • Here is a more recent one.. last Sunday we came across this Shotun while out with Whitstable Lifeboat. A few years to go before it matches the one in the article.

      3 years ago
  • The horror!

      3 years ago