This little French rascal turns 30 : what's your favourite Renault Clio model?

First introduced in 1990, the Renault Clio is one of Europe's best-selling cars with over 15 million units sold across five generations. Named after the Greek muse of history (Kleiα»‘), this all-conquering all-rounder managed to stay on top by evolving and adapting. Over the years, we've had rally racers, road racers, sports versions, 4-door sedans, 5-door estates and of course hybrids. What is your favourite Clio?

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  • Renault Clio Williams

      29 days ago
  • Back in a previous life as a car salesman, I worked for Renault. I had the privilege of running Clio RenaultSport 182 Cup in Black Gold as a demonstrator for a while, and got to drive a Liquid Yellow Clio RenaultSport V6 255 for a few hours through Birmingham.

    The V6 was insane. Nobody except Renault could pull that off, but the "Nice body kit" comments and the idiots in Saxos with baked bean tin exhausts and terrible bodykits wanting a race did start to be irritating, even after a few short hours. Plus, the turning circle was abysmal. But it made a fantastic V6 growl!

    The one to have was the 182. The Trophy if you can get one. The rev happy engine was a cracker. It had so much personality and positively encouraged you to rev the nuts off it. Especially about half way through the rev range when the VVT kicked in, the engine noise hardened and the thing got a second wind of power. It was bit like taking an over excitable dog for a walk, which ends up dragging you along.

    Because of the weight, it was actually quicker than the V6 and it looked subtle enough to not attract the attention of idiots. Downside? Yeah, the interior quality wasn't great, and the steering wheel was a little too big, but what a drivers car it was. Taut handling. Easy to place. Decent feeling gearbox and strong brakes.

    I can still clearly hear a biker mate of mine, who I'd taken for a run in the '82 screaming when I floored it on a country lane and that intoxicating engine started to roar.

    I've had a sit in, and good look at the latest Clio, and I have to say that it's a stunning little thing and the interior quality is absolutely top noch. We're talking Audi levels of fit and finish.

    Fantastic little car. And Nicole off of the ads was stunning, too!

      1 month ago
  • Great car. I drove a 4th gen dCi for 6,5 years (parted with it a month ago)... 130k of really happy km...

      29 days ago
  • V6 Phase 2

      29 days ago