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This Mazda Miata really wants to be a Cadillac from the 1960s

How's this for a pantomime character?

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The Mazda Mx-5 is a tribute to the common mans guilty pleasure, and perhaps the world's most honest iteration of a cutesy, sensibly priced, tail-happy weekend convertible. Introduced in 1991 for the very first time, Mazda had managed to produce one million Mx-5's by the time the world's best selling two-seat convertible hit the quarter of a century mark. It has been nothing short of a sensation during its tenure.

Who doesn't love a Miata from the 90s? Image credit: Catawiki.

Who doesn't love a Miata from the 90s? Image credit: Catawiki.

A completely different type of car, which is perhaps not as impressive, but still has plenty to boast about, is the Cadillac Eldorado. Created between 1952 and 2002, and spanning 12 generations, it's got quite a resume - and does stake a claim for having one of the lengthiest family tree's around. The fourth model, in my opinion, was the sibling with the best genes - it's just got such a villainous demeanour about it, and that's what makes it so damn cool.

And equally, how can you not admire the Eldorado? Image credit: Cadillac Automotive.

And equally, how can you not admire the Eldorado? Image credit: Cadillac Automotive.

These two cars represent polar opposites, from vastly different walks of life. You'd enjoy seeing them besides one another, but much less moulded into one - as has been the direct result of a brainwave from one chap, who thought it would somehow bring out the best of both cars. Someone really should break the bad news to him, because what he's actually ended up creating is perhaps the single greatest sacrilege to two motoring icons: The Madillac.

Spotted at what appears to be a car meet, the front of this demon love child sports a set of Toyota Celica headlights, and abandons the quintessential pop-up's that the original Miata rolled off the production line with. Then, the owner decided to bolt on a host of aftermarket Eldorado parts in a bid to imitate the timeless cruiser.

In all honesty, he's actually done a pretty good job with the rear - a set of large fins, taillights and grilles have been downsized and sculpted into the body of the Miata, so from the back at least, it does look like an Eldorado, albeit a slightly budgeted one. Whilst you do have to applaud the time and dedication that must've gone into this project, any honest petrolhead will tell you this just isn't acceptable under the laws sanctioned upon the automotive world by the gods of speed and power.

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Comments (16)

    • 8 months ago
  • Why, why, why, why, why! The Mazda was fine as it was.

      8 months ago
  • That’s horrific, and concerning that my initial thoughts were “eh, Celica headlights?” Why do I know specific headlights?

      8 months ago
  • How can you copy such a great design in such a horrible way?!

      8 months ago
  • The front was bad. I looked at the back and i almost threw up

      8 months ago