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This Mazda RX-8 swaps rotary for Cummins diesel power

In the video below, prepare to witness what it takes to put a huge diesel engine in a small Mazda sports car.

2y ago

On the face of it, diesel power isn’t likely to be ‘cummins’ to a Mazda RX-8 by you any time soon. Unless that is, you live in the Emerald Isle. For a gentleman in the Irish city of Limerick has found internet fame thanks to giving his RX-8 a Cummins diesel engine.

Poignantly titled the RX-Hate, this is a project car that has its own Facebook fan page. A feature on YouTube channel Bodge Rides Garage, it was built 2 years ago, and has been in a constant state of development ever since.

The build of this car is documented in great detail in the video in the middle of this article, so feel free to skip ahead and enjoy that. This car came about when the owner bought it with a blown engine - but instead of buying a working rotary, or attempting to fit it with something that would suit its nature, he instead got his tape measure out, and started to wonder whether his truck’s Cummins diesel engine would fit.

After recruiting a JCB to assist with the engine’s removal, he began work on modifying the RX-8 so it would comfortably accommodate the engine. Hacking away at the transition tunnel, and engineering additional engine mounts, he eventually got the engine in and working.

The engine itself goes under the internal code of 6BT - which in the world of diesel means it has 6-cylinders, 12 valves, 5.9 litres, and a turbocharger. Ideal for the kind of work his truck was doing - but not the sort of thing you’d ever think you’d see powering a small Mazda sports car.

With the horsepower remaining undisclosed, we can only presume this car is more about the torque required for drifting entertainment. Since first putting the engine in - back when the car didn’t have a face - the motor’s been lowered and pushed back further. It’s also been given a new paint job, so now there really are no visual cues to the diesel heart from the exterior.

In many ways, you could categorise this build under the “showing what’s possible” bracket. The trouble is, just because something’s possible does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that it should be done. But I’ll let you guys be the arbiters of that in the vote below. And by all means, add your thoughts in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Comments (13)

  • I’m not a purist by any stretch of the imagination but I can’t stand any Mazda RX model without a Rotary engine of some sort.

      2 years ago
  • They took out the only good thing in the RX8

      2 years ago
  • A shame for the car 😟

      2 years ago
  • Inspired by Jeremy’s v8 dune buggy?

      2 years ago
  • There was a young man from Limerick,

    Who bought a broken Mazda with liquorice.

    He then swapped out the rotary,

    For a diesel that wilts topiary,

    And then he went home to shit a brick.

    Sorry, but when someone's from Limerick, I get the urge to articulate myself using them!

      2 years ago