This 'Mercedes GTR' can be yours for under £4,000

26w ago


If someone told you that you could be the owner of a Mercedes GTR powered by a V8 engine for just a smidge under four grand, the likelihood is you'd already have given them your money.

Until people start asking questions, at least you could tell people you own an Merc GTR - they don't need to know that cost you £3,962, its specifications or the fact it's a kitcar, do they?

You're probably better off not showing them any pictures either, because after a first glance the car isn't exactly aesthetically pleasing.

The bonnet intake is further off to the left than Jeremy Corbyn, and the front and rear of the car might as well be sold separately, because they hardly match at all.

But there is some hope, because mechanically, the car is in decent shape.

I can't get my head around how this is the same car as the one at the top of the page

For the past seven years, this beautiful creation has been sat in a climate-controlled storage facility, looking after that V8 engine and Porsche (yes, Porsche) 4-speed manual transmission.

All the electrics work (apparently) because of a brand new battery, and the car has only done 20,000 miles - presumably when it competed at Le Mans in the '90s because it's basically the real thing.

Don't even get me started on the interior. I had to double take because it's just that realistic.

If you take off your glasses, it's basically the real thing

Quite frankly I don't understand why you're still reading this, and haven't already bought this beast.

It'll be the best Christmas present you'll ever get yourself - probably.