This miniscule electric car costs more than two Lambos


This is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen on the road and on the face it, it appears to be just half the size of a Smart car, and that means it combines the comfort and safety of a car with the practicality of a motorbike or moped.

It's called the Tango Commuter Car and it was first introduced in 2005 in California. The owner decided to build this tiny car after realizing that most cars stuck in traffic on his everyday commute had only one occupant in them. The Tango car was designed to be a point A-to-B commuter for cities like Los Angeles where, and I'm quoting, "there's no centre or hub, everybody goes everywhere". In 2005, George Clooney bought one.

It can obviously get through traffic quite easily and quickly because it is super narrow and inside you'll find a Momo steering wheel, two individual seats with four-point shoulder harness.

The centre of gravity is lower than it is in most cars because the car is very, very small and the battery pack (yes, it's electric) is at the centre of the car. The car is only 102 inches (2.5 mt) in length meaning it can be parked perpendicularly. Which is what Smart car drivers have been doing since the dawn of time, by the way.

The chassis is welded to a roll cage which, according to the owner of the company, makes it stiffer and safer than any other car on the road. The 90 kWh battery gives around 300 miles of range.

The idea is clever and the dedication to the execution of the idea is admirable but – you might want to sit down for this part – each car costs an average $420,000 to build. Says it all.

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