T​his modded Aventador gets a new name and Lamborghini's blessings

M​ade to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the supercar

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One can’t just stop tinkering with the decade-old Lamborghini Aventador. Heck, even Lamborghini itself released more than half a dozen special edition Aventadors for the same reason throughout its tenure. More recently, a special carbon fibre kitted Aventador was unveiled, but it neither wore the angry bull badge nor the Aventador nameplate.

Instead, the badges on it read Huber and Era. ‘Era’ denotes the updated name given to this Aventador, commemorating the supercar’s 10th anniversary. And Huber is the coachbuilding company based out of the United Arab Emirates that came up with this bespoke aero body kit.

Limited to just 21 units, the Era body kit incorporates menacing-looking tweaks to the front and rear bumper. Both ends get carbon fibre finished components. The frontal element especially looks more sinister, as if it's raring to suck up everything ahead of itself, regardless of it being a curb or an EV.

Even the rear sees the addition of gaping inlets on either side with a modified exhaust outlet and relatively subdued diffuser underneath. The frunk upfront can also be had in carbon fibre trim, and the Era body kit injects carbon fibre embellishments around the Huber logos, front and back.

This exotic upgrade commands a premium of €30,000 (or $35,420) over the cost of a standard Aventador. It appears the Lamborghini founding family approve of the aftermarket additions as Fabio Lamborghini, nephew of Ferruccio Lamborghini and the caretaker of the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum, was present in person to unveil the first Huber Era finished in a beautiful purple shade. The aftermarket firm this model by hosting a special event at David and Victoria Beckham’s former residence - Rowneybury House in Hertfordshire.

While carbon fibre upgrades to luxury cars is a job well-honed by Mansory, what do you think of this relatively subtle addition?

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