This modern Shelby Cobra is everything Carroll Shelby dreamed of

Superformance is an American tuning company that specializes in replicas of 1960s icons like the GT40, the Shelby Mustang and, of course, the Shelby Cobra. They do it properly, the cars are built under license, and as you can see from the pictures. They're quite good at it.

This particular model is called the Superformance MKIII-R and, as the company's CEO Lance Stander describes it, it is a "perfect combination of an old-school automobile infused with a bit of modern-day flair". Shelby cars have always been popular and the appetite is growing chiefly thanks to a recent major Hollywood motion picture, 'Ford v Ferrari' (title Le Mans '66 in some territories) starring Christan Bale and Matt Damon, which brought demand for these vehicles at an all-time high.

The MKIII-R is built under license and that means that the car is able to retain all the design features we know and love about the Cobra, such as the original shape and wheelbase, while also adding new fenders with large air vents, a large hood scoop, a rear diffuser and a front splitter. It's a lot more aggressive than the original Cobra and I'll leave it up to you to decide whether that's better or worse. I like both, to be honest.

The car features a modern suspension system with A-arms with adjustable Bilstein coils and telescopic shock absorbers at the front, with independent A-arms with bespoke hub carriers and coil-over shock absorbers at the rear.

As "standard", the MKIII-R comes with this beautiful period-correct Atlantic Blue-colored livery, with matching leather interior with Cobra seats without a headrest, with contrast stitching that matches the exterior paint. Don't worry if that's not your cup of tea because several different exterior and interior color and trim options are available.

Prices start at $79,900 but that's just for the rolling chassis and the bodykit, which means you'll have to buy an installation kit for the engines. The car is designed to support several different powertrains from the Ford family, including the 302, 351, 460 and 427/428 cu in, with Tremec five-speed or Ford top loader four-speed transmissions. You can also use Roush engines.

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Comments (29)

  • Gorgeous, but I will be bothered nonstop by the fact the speedo starts right to left.

      12 days ago
    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that is really annoyed by that lmao

        7 days ago
    • When the needle is pointed straight up it dont matter where it starts lol

        7 days ago
  • This is so beautiful - Retro rebuilds will always win over petrol heads.

      13 days ago