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This modernised Porsche 356 render will become a reality

A Polish coachbuilding company is set to create this virtual restomod

The Porsche 356 is an automotive icon that played a major role in Porsche's success story. From its initial debut at the 1951 24 Hours of Le Mans to its ownership by actor Steve McQueen, this German legend has made a name for itself and is highly sought after today. It would be a bold and daring decision to restomod this classic but a highly talented graphic designer has managed to pull it off.

Bo Zolland of Zolland Design has taken it upon himself to render the 356 into a 21st century masterpiece. The final product is sleeker, lower and wider than the original car; it's more Karmann Ghia than Beetle. The render features revised bumpers, lights and chrome Fuchs alloys, all of which enhance the vehicle's appearance. If you are wondering why this modernised 356 looks a tad off, it's because the design is actually based on a 1980s Porsche 911 SC chassis. Accordingly, this restomod is intended to house a tuned version of the donor car's 3.0L flat-six.

The news gets even better as this 356 render is set to become a reality through an undisclosed coachbuilder in Poland. The real deal will utilise carbon-fibre and aluminium bodywork, 993 generation brakes and a Bilstein suspension system. Combine all of this with a vibrant paint scheme and you have yourself the ultimate Sunday driver. It is unknown when the first physical vehicle will be ready but expect a minimum of 8-12 months wait and a hefty price tag.

Special thanks to Bo Zolland for providing the renders.

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Comments (11)

  • It looks pretty awful to me.

      14 days ago
  • Mustafa, not sure what to make of it but it’s beautiful work. Is this any different from what Singer, RUF or Emory Motorsports are doing? Not really.

    “Reimagined” gets thrown around a lot.

      15 days ago
    • You're right, the concept is not new by any means and we have seen a few 356s with 911 internals before. It's like a Singer but it takes more of a lowrider approach... and one would hope it costs a lot less a Singer.

      I'm glad you appreciate the...

      Read more
        12 days ago
  • no.

      13 days ago
  • Looks like a mesh up between a 964 and a 356... Not really my thing tbh.

    I do like the Emory ones!

      13 days ago