This modified E-Class Merc is the original Mercedes pick-up and it's for sale

Back in 2000 a certain Atlanta dealership send this E-class wagon to be converted into the original Mercedes Pick-up truck.

2y ago

Are you looking for an upmarket pick-up truck but the current Mercedes X-Class is a bit meh for you? Well how about this 21-k miles, 2000 Mercedes E-320 wagon converted into a truck by 'Binz' for $50,000 back in 2000? It's currently on sale at

The car started its life as an E-320 Wagon with tan leathers, COMMAND infotainment system, automatic air-con, navigation, phone and even Bluetooth (that was kinda a big thing back then). In other words, it was your typical 'made it' luxury saloon.

However, when the car was ordered by an Atlanta Mercedes dealership it was sent to 'Binz' to be converted into: well this thing. I'm not calling it ugly, it's just a bit like seeing Bill Gates in Wellies and farmers overalls, a tad weird look.

From the front until the rear doors it looks like a stock E-Class, from then on the changes start, the wheels base has been stretched by 29inches, the rear window and tailgate has been moved to right behind the rear seats. From then on is the all-important fabricated truck bed adorned with some badass rails and diamond plate floor.

The rear bench has been removed in favour of two individual seats separated by a custom Binz centre console with a cooler that sadly doesn't work anymore. The seats come with an automatic 'loading function' that will fold them flat for loading. Meanwhile, the AMG Monoblock wheels are a nice touch.

Underneath car retains the 3.2 litre V6 which sends all of its 221 horsepower to the rear wheels via a 5-Speed automatic 'box.

The car has covered just 21,037 miles and has been owned by the same person for the past 15 years, the owner serviced the car at his repair shop. The most recent service took place in 2017 and included an oil, filter, and coolant change. The current bid at bring a trailer stands t $9,000 making it a fairly good deal given the price of the original E-Class + the conversion, that's if anyone would actually see a use for it.

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