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This modified Toyota Prius is ready for war

Is there anything that's going to stop this?

6d ago

A week ago you met the man who builds lift kits for Toyota Prius', but now I want to introduce to you something which blows that out of the water. This is a Prius ready for war and prepared to kill.

What you are looking at here is a creation from the team at Starwood Customs whose job is making unique and very special off-road vehicles. This time they have modified a Toyota Prius and it looks amazing.

The vehicle has been finished in matte Sarge Green paint, which is the first thing you notice alongside the rear which is now missing. The back of this Prius has been cut off in order to accomodate its new hunting platform complete with gun mounts and a seat.

This build also features a roof rack with a spare tyre and a steel bumper which has been fitted with a meaty skid plate and a large winch. The wheels are from a company called Method Race Wheels and they have incredibly chunky tyres around them to tackle rough terrain.

Starwood Customs hasn't said if they have made any performance upgrades to the vehicle, but it is likely it will need some as now it is much heavier than stock. If you were going to tune this, what would you do? Change the engine completely? Do a simple ECU tune? We'd love to know what you'd do.

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Comments (14)

  • [Intergalactic bruh]

      6 days ago
  • Only thing, try engine swap this for a custom-built 700bhp V8

      6 days ago
  • I love it, I think it should be get a new engine and a better hybrid system, maybe something similar to the P1

      3 days ago
  • I think I actually could like a Prius if it was made like this...

      4 days ago
  • Strange choice of vehicle!

    All it needs now is a 3.5ltr engine with tons of torque and it might be able to tackle some off-road tracks

      5 days ago