This moment made us all fall in love with clarkson

top gear didn't always make you laugh. Sometimes it did the opposite, and we loved it for that.

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As you know, Top Gear was hilarious. There was never a dull moment. The jokes flowed from the trio's mouths like lager from the tap at my local pub, and there was nearly always some sort of imminent explosion.

If you weren't moved by that film, then you're a stronger man than me.

Alex Harrington

Every once in a while, though, there's a moment that makes you sit back in your seat and shake your head in disbelief. Like at the end of Clarkson's film on the Aston Martin V12 Vantage where he discusses the end of the V12. If you weren't moved by that film, then you're a stronger man than me.

The most emotional film on Top Gear so far, though, has been the Patagonia Special. Not the whole thing, just a specific segment. The segment where Clarkson discusses why he chose the Porsche 928, even though both Hammond and May think it's rather dull. He explains how there is a very good reason as to why he doesn't feel the same way.

Clarkson and his Porsche 928 during the Patagonia Special.

Clarkson and his Porsche 928 during the Patagonia Special.

I won't go into his reasoning as I find writing about it a little disrespectful (you can find the clip on YouTube if you really want to see it), but this moment completely changed the way I thought about our favourite ape with a hammer. As he talked to the camera, his presenter/entertainer veneer shrunk away to reveal the real reason why he loved this car, and for a short moment there was a feeling of complete empathy between him and I.

It's incredible how cars do this, isn't it?

A while ago now, I wrote a column about how cars have the habit of nestling themselves into your life. The Porsche 928 has done this with Jeremy, and now it's done the same with me.

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  • Dearest Writerboy,

    If you write an article about a video a link to the damned video. Maybe spend a bit less time on the clickbait headline and a bit more in writing a COMPLETE article.

      3 years ago
  • For all the people interested:

      3 years ago
  • It so happens the 928 has a similar place in my heart. My Dad had 2 of them; the 928s Gen 1 then the 928S4. He ran his own business, often travelling and home late. We'd get the call he was on the way home from work. I'd calculate when he'd be back, turn off the tv and wait to hear the signature rumble as he came up our lane. It was the same at school. We all remember what it's like waiting to be picked up by our parents. I loved waiting for the S4. Dad would always flash his lights as he came down the school road.. The last Porsche with pop-ups (iirc). "Flash!" Rumble. Door open. Back with my Dad ❤️

    We had some legendary trips in that car. After I left Uni we went to Le Mans 24h. Back jn the days when you could really hustle through the autoroutes. That thing was effortlessly fast. We averaged 120mph+ between the last 2 péage. I remember Dad chuckling about that. Arrived before the race, parked up. Had a great day/night. Back to the car in the early hours, slept in the seats. Woke up, saw off the race and drove back. That's a prper road trip.

    Eventually he sold it with 500k+ on the clock to a Porsche specialist who wanted it for parts. Whenever I see one on the road I think of him and all the experiences we had in that car. The fact they are so rare now makes it more poignant.

      4 years ago
    • Great story there. I can just imagine how epic it must have felt to experience that.

        4 years ago
  • Jeremy always say what he thinks without any filter. That is why we love him.

      3 years ago
  • Immediately know what you meant when I saw the screenshot.

    Clarkson's a human being like all of us, and one with a big stage personality and a sense of humor.

    Watch all his stuff, read his books and you see that, as the Dutch say: "The soup isn't eaten as hot as it's served".

    Meaning; Don't take it all too seriously and you'll see it's not all that bad.

    I mean come on, the big anti-green anti-electric anti-nature anti-whatever guy donkeys called Geoff, Eddie and Kristen Scott donkey. His daughter gets along with him very well and one of his houses is a lighthouse. Those things alone should show you that he's not the polluting womanhater people think he is. His persona works though ;).

      4 years ago